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Paediatric Walker Fracture Boot

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This Ossur paediatric walker is perfect for protecting your child's lower limb.
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Paediatric Cam Walkers are designed to stabilise and protect the lower leg, ankle and foot. They are easy to use and comfortable to wear, making them ideal for an active child who requires stability following a sprain, stress fracture, or surgery.


Grade 2 and 3 ankle sprains

Stable fractures

During postoperative or rehab phase.


High quality rigid outer skeleton for protection

Dense foam lining within the sole to provide comfort and support

Shock absorbing sole to improve comfort and protects the user from slips, providing additional security in each step

Uprights give additional stability by restricting motion of the leg

Lightweight design helps in keeping kids active

Authorised Dealer | 6 Month Manufacture Warranty | Authentic Product Quality Guaranteed

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