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Miami J Select Cervical Collar - Ossur

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The Miami J Select has a universal design that replicates the support, immobilisation, and class you expect from a Miami J product.
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The Miami J Select cervical collar by Ossur offers the widest range of height adjust-ability in the market with a single, universal design that replicates the comfort, immobilisation, and quality you expect from a Miami J product. Featuring a patented first-to-market locking mechanism, to encourage patient compliance and anti-microbial Sorbatex padding, Miami J Select is designed to support successful patient outcomes.


Situations requiring gross immobilisation of the cervical spine, these may include:

Pre- and post c-spine surgery

C-spine precaution for trauma patients


Easy height adjust-ability with a tamper-proof locking mechanism – ‘Left to Lock’.

Anti-microbial & bio-compatible Sorbatex padding prevents bacterial build-up.

Universal design that does not compromise immobilisation or comfort.

7 precise fitting sizes with opportunity to fine-tune.

Miami J inspired chin tray.

One-piece, anatomically inspired collar back with Flex Edge designed to reduce occipital pressure.

Easy to don and doff with patented Reproducible Fit option. A.K.A. Repeatable Fit Tabs.

Intuitive blue Patient Touch-points to send patients home with confidence – Blue is You.

Simplified comfort adjustments with integrated and patented Sternal-Relief Dial.

Large tracheal opening – improved function for ICU patients.

Easy to clean and replace multi-coloured padding.

X-ray and CT lucent, MR-safe.

Compatible with Occian Back & Miami JTO accessories.

Authorised Dealer | 6 Month Manufacture Warranty | Authentic Product Quality Guaranteed

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