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OrthoTape Fibreglass Casting Tape 7 cm (10 Rolls)

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Fiberglass Cast Tape to make a leg cast or arm cast. Orthotape has plenty of Orthopedic medical Casting Supplies to fit your needs!
Part Number: OT-Case 3
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OrthoTape Premium Fibreglass Casting Tape 7.5 cm x 3.6 m. (10-rolls)

OrthoTape Premium was designed from scratch.  We started fresh with a new developed formula for the perfect tape. OrthoTape is incredibly vibrant in colours as we added more dye to help maintain colour throughout the time of wear.  You also get the perfect lay down at the end of the each roll with OrthoTape. OrthoTape is strong fibreglass casting tape that easily conforms to the natural bends and curves of the body. 

(100%-Guaranteed or your money back with photo proof of failure.)

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