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Miami J Occian Back - OSSUR

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Provides pressure-relieving comfort by replacing the back section of a Miami J Collar.
Part Number: ACB-100
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Occian Back is the perfect add on for comfort.

The Occian Back is designed solely for the specialised needs of the multi-system trauma patient in the ICU. Universally sized, specifically engineered and designed with advanced, Intuitech pressure-relieving memory foam, the Occian Back helps caregivers manage c-spine patients who are at high risk of occipital breakdown. Clinical evaluations in leading trauma centres demonstrate that, by simply replacing the standard back of the Miami J® or Miami Jr®. with the Intuitech™ pressure-relieving foam of the Occian Back, medical professionals can virtually eliminate occipital breakdown for multi-system trauma patients, without sacrificing c-spine stability.

Universal Size, easy fit for any Miami J neck collar.


Patients who do not awake and are alert within 24 – 48 hours after admission

Patients with pre-existing skin injuries and/or lacerations to the head/neck

Burn patients who must wear a collar

Elective surgery patients desiring nighttime post-operative comfort

Patients who remain in a supine position for long periods of time related to respiratory, neurological, or hemodynamic instability.


Intuitech pressure relieving memory foam virtually eliminates occipital breakdown

Maintains C spine stability

Provides unique pressure-relieving comfort by replacing the back section of a Miami J Collar.

Clinically proven to virtually eliminate occipital breakdown without sacrificing c-spine stability.

Easy to clean

MRI, CT & X-ray lucent, MR safe

Miami J Cervical Collar is sold separately

Authorised Dealer | 6 Month Manufacture Warranty | Authentic Product Quality Guaranteed

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