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Short Arm Cast Kit

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Fibreglass Short Arm Cast Kit. Fibreglass cast kits are hard to find. Choose your favourite colour and stockinette combo at the Orthotape UK Store!
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Short Arm Cast Kit - Materials to make an Orthopaedic Cast

A short arm cast is easy to apply with a little practice. Often this type of fibreglass cast is applied due to distal forearm fractures, wrist sprains, carpal injuries, and some metacarpal fractures. You can buy the supplies and have them applied in no time. Ships direct to the patient so you can take it to your doctor. Most doctor's offices are limited in the colour choices they provide, we have 9 different colour choices. All the orthopaedic medical casting supplies you need to make a short arm cast:

Fibreglass SAC Cast Kit
1 roll of 7.5 cm & 2 rolls of 5 cm Fibreglass Casting Tape
1 roll of 7.5 cm & 2 rolls 5 cm Cast Padding
61 cm of 5 cm Stockinette (CHILD)
61 cm of 7.5 cm Stockinette (ADULT)
7.5 cm of 2.5 cm Stock (for thumb)
1 Pair of Gloves

For Teen to Adult use 7 cm stockinette

For Children 5 - 12 use 5 cm Stockinette.  

For children under 5 consult your doctor on what size to use.


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