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Formfit Pro Knee Quest - Ossur

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Compressive knee sleeve with a sounded Smartpad butress that offers targeted support and cushioning for the patella.
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Ossur Formfit Pro Knee Quest has been micro-engineered to help relieve knee pain, including Runner's Knee. Featuring a SmartPad system that is designed to stabilise and provide cushioning to the knee joint, Ossur Formfit Pro Knee Quest utilises custom MotionTech medical-grade yarn construction to provide breath ability, moisture wicking and a skintight fit. Our unique FoldLock and Stabiliser technologies combine to ensure the brace stays in place for maximum benefit.

Formfit Pro Quest Knee Features.


For knee conditions that may benefit from compression, such as:

• Chondromalacia Patella

• Mild sprains and strains

• Knee pain

• Feeling of instability


• If you have a medical condition that decreases blood circulation in your limbs, then consult your doctor before you use the brace. Such medical conditions include, but are not limited to, diabetes or peripheral vascular disease.


• MotionTech™ for compression and dynamic fit

• Certified medical grade compression (20-30 mmHg)

• CoolVent™ knit in popliteal area for breathability

• O-shaped SmartPad™ for targeted support and cushioning

• Patented FoldLock™ system for easy and secure application

• Lightweight, removable spiral steel stays

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