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Fix It Wrap 5cm- Clearance (1 roll)

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Fix-It Wrap is Strong fibreglass Repair tape, compare it to Fibrefix, used to repair just about anything.
Part Number: Fix It Wrap 5cm- Clearance
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Fix-It Wrap Strong Fibreglass Repair Tape (expired tape/ Use by 2019) *Money back guaranteed if not completely satisfied

1 Roll of Fix-It Wrap Strong Fibreglass Repair tape. Compare to Fibre Fix at a lower cost to you.
100x Stronger Than Duct Tape
Size options:

5 cm (50 mm) x 127 cm


Items break at the most inconvenient times. Don't replace it, Fix-It Wrap it!

Wet thoroughly

Fix-It Wrap is water activated. Simply submerse the roll of Fix-It Wrap and remove excess water.

Wrap tightly

Wrap directly over the break and Diamond Wrap will start to harden.

Go back to work

After 10 minutes Fix-It Wrap hardens like steel. You'll be back to work in no time.

Fibre Fix is a registered trademark of the Fibre Fix company and not affiliated with this product or company.

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