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Exoform Wrist Support - Ossur

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Ossur has created the latest ergonomic wrist brace technology on the market today
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The Exoform Wrist provides superior fit and comfort with contoured padding and provides great support and immobilisation with rigid outer plastic that contours the wrist. Our 21st Century breakthrough technology creates a new standard of ergonomic precision. Contoured padding on the inside of the brace mirrors the shape of your body and the injected moulded plastic supports surrounding the brace produce the highest degree of durability and immobilisation.


Mild to Moderate sprains and strains


Post-cast healing

Other select soft tissue injuries


Ergonomically contoured padding

Rigid plastic supports contour to the hand and wrist

Adjustable aluminium palmar stay allows for fine-tuning when needed


Authorised Dealer | 6 Month Manufacture Warranty | Authentic Product Quality Guaranteed

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