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Waterproof Cast DELTA DRY Short Leg Padding Kit

Waterproof Cast DELTA DRY Short Leg Padding Kit

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Delta Dry Waterproof Cast Padding for a Short Leg Cast

A Broken leg before vacation can be a bummer. For those who suffer a broken leg, waterproof cast padding is now an option for keeping your cast clean and germ free. Delta Dry waterproof cast padding can be used under a fibreglass cast to make it completely waterproof. You can now swim, bathe, shower, wash the car all while having a waterproof cast. Traditional casts would be soaking wet and build up germs and begin to smell.

Frequently asked and answered questions:

1. Which one is for
£25.00? That would be the infant size. The larger the person the more rolls of padding and casting tape you will need. So the price goes up to compensate for the more product you will receive. Infants only need 2 rolls of small padding, where as an Adult will need 3 rolls of large padding.
2. Do I need to add casting tape to the order? What is the colour choice for? No, your doctor does carry fibreglass casting tape. However, they may charge you more money if you are paying out of pocket. Also, they may not have the colour you are looking for. We have over 13 different colours. It's best to get your colour cast you want now, than be surprised they are out of that colour when you get to their office. / The colour choice is for the fibreglass casting tape, as the padding only comes in the colour shown in the photos.
3. Do I need to be a doctor to purchase this item? No, we are happy to sell this to those doing self-help or patients taking this to their doctor. It's always good to insist on your rights as a patient and tell your doctor what you want. Let them know you want a waterproof cast for your medical care. This way they know your wishes up front. There are many medical opinions out there. Many of our doctors even send patients to us.
4. How fast does the cast dry and can salt water or chlorine affect the cast? It will take about 20-30 minutes for the cast to fully dry. You can get it to dry faster by using a hair dryer set on low. We recommend that you wash the cast with fresh water after swimming in salt or chlorine water. This will extend the life of your cast.

Your waterproof cast will be made up of two components.

Waterproof Padding
(your kit comes with this)
Step #1 Below
Fibreglass casting tape
(you can add this for extra
Step #2 Below

Delta Dry Size Options
Short Leg Cast
Follow the steps below

Step#1. Choose waterproof padding for the patient.

Paediatric (Infant to 5yrs.) - (2-rolls) 5cm Delta Dry Cast Padding

Child (6 yrs-10 yrs.) - (3 rolls) 5cm  Delta Dry Padding

Teen (11-16 yrs.) - (2 rolls) 7cm  Delta Dry & (1 roll) 10cm  Delta Dry Padding

Adult Female (17yrs. - up) - (2 rolls) 7cm  Delta Dry & (1 roll) 10cm  Delta Dry Cast Padding

Adult Male (17yrs. - up) - (3rolls) 10 Delta Dry Cast Padding

Step#2.Choose fibreglass casting tape (hard outer shell) (Optional)£ Then Choose a colour.

Paediatric (Infant to 5yrs.) - (3) 5cm rolls of fibreglass tape.

Child (6 -10 yrs.) - (3) 7cm roll of fibreglass tape.

Teen (11-16 yrs.) - (1) 7cm roll and (2) 10cm rolls of fibreglass tape.

Adult Female (17yrs. - up) - (2) 7cm roll and (2)-10cm rolls of fibreglass tape.

Adult Male (17yrs. - up) - (2) 7cm roll and (2) 10cm rolls of fibreglass tape.

Doctors carry fibreglass casting tape (the hard shell part) in their office.
They may not have the colour you want or they could run out of it. If you buy now you are guaranteed to have the colour cast you want. You will need to add it under "Choose to: ADD CAST TAPE". Also Consider the cost. If you are paying out of pocket, Your doctor will charge you a higher price than we do for the fibreglass casting tape.

Step #3. Make sure your doctor/cast technician knows how to apply a waterproof cast.

It is important to share this information with your health care provider.

Here is a video of application instructions:
*Note: The waterproof stockinette is not included in our kits. BSN Medical does not sell it here in the UK and it is not necessary to make up the cast.

Delta Dry out performs other waterproof cast padding.
Delta Dry has the conformity of traditional cast padding with a soft feel.
Other products tend to bunch up, creating an uncomfortable wrinkled cast.

Easy cast removal
Delta Dry does not require special tools such as a
Saw Stop strip.
Other products require this due to thin padding.
Delta Dry is a thicker softer cast padding.

Delta-Dry waterproof cast padding is
individually packaged keeping it sanitary.

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