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DARCO OrthoWedge Post Op Surgical Shoe

DARCO OrthoWedge Post Op Surgical Shoe

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Orthowedge Toe Cap
DARCO OrthoWedge Surgical Post-Op Shoe

Trust Orthotape the expert in Surgical and Diabetic Post Op Shoes!

Reduces weight bearing pressure on the forefoot creating a better healing environment after surgery, trauma or when forefoot wounds or ulcerations are present.
Below is both the shoe size chart and the actual measurements of the inside of the shoe. For the best fit, we suggest you use the actual inside measurements to choose a size.

Approximate Shoes sizes. Remember to take into account bandages and swelling when choosing a fit.

  • 15% Wedge Sole DARCO Ortho Wedge surgical post-op shoe transfers body weight onto the mid-foot and heel. Reducing pressure of the forefoot by close to 57%!
  • Post-op shoe Square Toe Design creates a bumper protecting your toes when k-wires are present. In additional, the square designed post-op shoe give a better Left or Right fit.
  • Ankle Strap keep the foot firmly in place reducing heel slippage and friction build up.
  • Removable Forefoot Closure gives security doing away with excess buckle pressure.
  • Zoned Outsole strong tread on the bottom of this post-op shoe provides stronder traction at the mid-foot where it is most preferred.
  • Removable Insole has thicker padding than other post-op shoes allowing for any necessary modification. Remove the insole if preferred to accommodate DARCO's Peg Assists customizable off-loading insole.


A Time Tested Option

Incidences of diabetes are at an all time high with the level of newly reported cases up a staggering 48% in the last 10 years*. In many cases, the resulting neuropathic limbs mean that diabetic ulcers on the feet are a distinct and very dangerous possibility. Since pressure and abrasion are the enemies of wound care, the OrthoWedge™ is designed to naturally reduce the number of steps taken by the patient while still allowing them to ambulate when necessary. The DARCO OrthoWedge has been tested under fire in both clinical and real world settings and continues to produce outstanding results. When forefoot off-loading is required to allow wounds/ulcerations under the metatarsal heads and toes to heal, nothing beats the OrthoWedge.

When used alone, the OrthoWedge Healing Shoe reduces forefoot pressure by as much as 57% and peak pressure is reduced by as much as 75% under the Great Toe!

ADD ON OPTION: PegAssist Features and Benefits

  • Removable pegs allow for localized off-loading of wounds and ulcerations of the foot
  • Pressure reduced by as much as 60% while allowing patient to remain ambulatory.
  • PORON® Cushioning cover eliminates the incidence of ring edema and edge abrasion.
  • Included stabilizer board prevents adjacent pegs from collapsing.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations designed to fit most DARCO shoes
  • New Firmer EVA!

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