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DARCO MedSurg Original

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DARCO MedSurg Original medical-surgical shoe
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The DARCO medical-surgical shoe is the shoe that started it all. The DARCO original MedSurg shoe was invented over 25 years ago and has since become known as the industry standard. Often referred to generically as “the Darco shoe”, it is anything but generic and its long list of features and excellent quality make it one of the best values in the business.

Features and Benefits

  • Patented metatarsal shank provides superior control of forefoot motion to ensure post operative healing remains undisturbed. Better protection after osteotomies.

  • Reinforced Padded Heel grips the foot and reduces slippage.

  • Breathable Mesh Upper lightweight material allows for proper ventilation and conforms to bony abnormalities.

  • Extra Long Straps accommodate even the bulkiest dressings.

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