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OrthoTape Plaster Bandage | 7 cm x 4.57 m (12 Rolls)

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OrthoTape Plaster of Paris Bandages 7cm (12 rolls/box). Perfect for plaster cloth projects and plaster masks.
Part Number: Plaster 7cm
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OrthoTape Plaster of Paris Bandages 7 cm wide x 4.5 m length (12 Rolls) 

Get more plaster for your money! You get 12 full Thick plaster Rolls!
High Quality! CE Certified! 

OrthoTape brand plaster cloth bandages are easy to cut into strips and suitable for making mask, shell moulds, pregnancy belly casts and life casts. Our plaster bandages are a superior quality quick-setting bandage that provides a creamy thick plaster. OrthoTape plaster of Paris plaster bandages use a time-tested formula and manufacturing process that produces a consistent plaster.

OrthoTape Plaster Bandages 12 rolls in each box.  (Each roll is actually 4.57 m long)
Set Time - 3-6 minutes
OrthoTape's Own Premium Plaster Bandages


  • Classic Formula - Features a rich creamy texture for smooth finished plaster bandage casts every time. 
  • Moulds to every contour for a precise fit 
  • Low Plaster Loss - Very low wet or dry plaster loss for a creamy mould 
  • Quick Set Times - Features improved plaster formula for consistency 
  • High Green Strength - Less chance of breakdown or cast distortion during critical curing phase 
  • Low Exotherm - Original Formula plaster bandages maintains a safe, comfortable cast temperature.

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