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OSSUR Techform Premium Fibreglass Casting Tape 7.5 cm (1 Roll)

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OSSUR Techform Premium Fiberglass Casting Tape 7.5cm x 3.6m (1-ROLL). Where can I buy fiberglass tape in Europe? The Orthotape UK Store!
Part Number: OSSUR Roll-7.5cm
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Techform Premium 7.5 cm x 3.6 m size Fibreglass Casting Tape

Superior handling experience and a better finished cast.

7.5 cm is great for long leg cast on children or smaller areas such as short arm cast and long arm casts.

Comes in a variety of colour choices.

Our single roll option allows you to sample more colour choices or make a multi coloured cast.

Benefits Include:

  • Techform easily glides off the roll
  • Soft, conformable rolls allow for easy handling
  • "Rub responsive" formula adapts to your technique
  • You'll roll your best cast every time!
  • Excellent lamination ensures high strength and durability
  • Smoother finish is non-abrasive and snag-free
  • The ends of the roll easily lay down and stay down

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