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Orthopaedic Tubular Bandage 2.5 cm wide (cut from roll)

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2.5 cm wide Medical Cast Stockinette used during cast application comes in white or black
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Orthopaedic  Tubular Bandage 2.5 CM (cut from roll)

We cut from the roll in the amount you tell us to cut. So the more quantity you add, the longer the cut. Just like buying fabric at the store, you cut it from the roll.

We sell it 30 cm increments. Add more QTY for a longer length. 

Note for sizing: Need to know what size stockinette to order. Simply measure the circumference of your leg or arm. Stockinette is measured in width, so it is the diameter value.

2.5 cm is mostly used for the fingers or thumb area of the cast. It will not fit a wrist. However, it might work for a wrist only on an infant.

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